Understanding Lockout Tagout (LOTO) in detail

Lockout tagout, also known as LOTO is a safety procedure used in industry and research settings to make sure that hazardous machines are shut off appropriately and not able to be started up again before the completion of repair work or maintenance. Lockout-tagout is utilized across industries as a secure method of working on dangerous equipment and is mandated by law in some countries.

This is one of the most reliable Supplier/Manufacturer/Exporter of standard – Industrial Safety Products and Lockout tagout with LOTO methodology guidance, applicable in numerous industries to stop hazardous conditions/accidents/acts occur because of human fault or technical causes at the place of work by offering awareness.

The company follows ISO 9001:2015 quality management system that aims to offer custom-made LOTO safety products that are CE certified to meet health, high safety, and environmental protection necessities and designed to improve workplace safety via the effective implementation. 

About electrical -pneumatic lockout tagout loto kit
Lukko Safety Impex Pvt. Ltd. offers the best electrical-pneumatic lockout tagout loto kit which comprises a set of LOTO tools necessary for large industrial lockouts. The electrical, in addition to valve lockout equipment, is available in this kit. The electrical -pneumatic lockout tagout loto kit is ideal for numerous purpose operations suitable for technicians that are working on sites and plants. 

Osha lockout tagout loto kit.
OSHA’s standard on the control of harmful energy often appears on the agency’s list of most violated standards. The Osha lockout tagout loto kit is crucial to keep your employees safe and compliant. Employers are in charge of guaranteeing the safety of their employees when perilous energy is involved. Those employees who maintain or service machines or equipment can be exposed to serious physical harm or even death if harmful energy is not controlled properly. It is up to you to obey Osha lockout tagout loto kit and keep your employees safe.


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